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Loan Moratorium and Cuts in Interest Rates by RBI | TOPPROPMART

Benefits leveraged to Real-estate sector from extension of loan moratorium and cuts in interest rates by RBI

The Reserve Bank of India announcements are a continued effort to increase private consumption and provide liquidity access to all sectors hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. These actions will help reviving demand crippled by the lockdown. The Reserve Bank of India has announced that the standard lending rate will be lowered by 30%. Along with this, term loan moratorium will also be extended by 3 months. Currently, the RBI is making constant changes in the policies to uplift the number of sectors affected by the COVID-19 crisis and help them gain liquidity access. The slashing of the interest rate and the extension of the loan moratorium have been received well by the real estate sector.

At a time when the real estate sector is unsure about its future, these decisions of the RBI are welcomed by the developers. The pandemic had struck the realty sector right when it was starting to revive from a major liquidity crisis. The lockdown has been a major blow to the industry. The slashing of the repo rates would ease up the liquidity in the realty sector and also allow the banks to lend more money.

This RBI’s move today is expected to further help banks to lower home loan interest rates, which may get several more fence-sitters onto the market. Moreover, the repo rate cut may compel banks to reduce the interest rates for FDs even further this could result in even more people leaning towards housing as a better investment option.

These changes would also make it easier for the homebuyers to purchase properties, thus acting as an incentive. For example, the reduction in the repo rate would in turn increase the purchasing power of the buyers. The accumulated interest during the moratorium period would be converted into a term loan, which means that the buyers won’t have to pay up the accumulated interest immediately. The buyers’ sentiment would undergo an uplift due to the cuts in the repo rate, thus increasing sales. It is expected that this would especially benefit the affordable housing sector. This is because most people buying affordable homes opt for EMIs and seek the most economic options. Lower repo rates would result in low EMIs, giving these buyers a major opportunity.

While the real estate sector was happy with these moves, some of the leading developers expressed concerns regarding these being only temporary relief.

Satish Magar, President of Credai National Said, “We expected more stringent measures from the RBI booster to revive the economy. The move of moratorium extension is a short-term piecemeal solution to a long-term problem. The interest rate should be reduced with firm liquidity measures as this is the need of the hour backed by one -time restructuring of loans to help the real estate sector from crumpling. RBI has tried to ease the pressure on borrowers and has extended group exposure limit for lenders to corporates from 25 percent to 30 percent but this is not enough to solve the ongoing liquidity crisis. The government now needs to ensure that banks are forthcoming and are passing on the benefits to us currently, there is a dearth of income in the sector owing to the COVID crisis.


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Best Locations to Buy a Property in Noida | TopPropMart

Best Locations to Buy a Property in Noida

Noida is at all times in top priority of home buyers because of planned sectors, green belt, connectivity with New Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Faridabad (part of NCR region) which makes it a main attraction for everyone.

The connectivity Noida has with other places makes it an calm to reach destination because of Delhi Noida Direct (DND) connecting Delhi + NH 2, Noida Expressway connecting Greater Noida, Yamuna Expressway joining Agar- Mathura, Faridabad-Noida-Ghaziabad (FNG) expressway connecting the three major cities of NCR and an extension of FNG connected with NH 24.

Noida is the only city offering this kind of highway and expressway connectivity. Noida Metro Rail Corporation that is dedicated to develop metro connectivity in the entire Noida region from Noida sector 32 to sector 63 and Greater Noida via expressway and very soon Greater Noida West also.


The Dwarka to Noida city centre, now the Botanical garden will be connected with Nehru Place metro station (Violet line). For daily travellers and residents of city, connectivity is the major concern and there is no reason of concern at this part! Botanical garden Metro is very close to the commercial hub of Noida which is Sector 18. So, if you can manage within a distance of about 2–3 Km then best option is Sector 37 which is great place to live in, near to Golf course Metro station. It has apartments and standalone Kothi’s as well or a PG. 

SECTOR 74–79

Core of Noida is offering whole lot of ready to move homes and no of units are approximately 7000–10000 where you can search projects of various developers ranging from Rs. 4700/- to Rs. 8000/- per sq. ft. To the North of Noida, the 70s belt of sectors features a big residential hub with multiple housing projects ranging from mid-income to high-income segment. However, what works for these sectors is their strategic location. These sectors are not only close to the heart of the city but also to key commercial hubs, making it easier for working professionals to commute to the area of work. For instance, Sector 62, 63, 127 and 132, the key office-space hubs in Noida, are located within a radius of 7-10 km.

Improved connectivity has also augmented the realty game in the region. Robust intra-city network ensures easy travel to noted areas of the city. For instance, the micro-markets of Central Noida (Sector 26, 27, 39, 50, 51) are only 10-15 min away from the 70s belt. The National Highway (NH) 24 that connects Noida to Delhi is only 9 km away. Noida-Greater Noida Expressway that boasts of a plethora of corporates such as HCL, TCS and Accenture among others is only 12 km away, and Noida Special Economy Zone (NSEZ) is just at a distance of 7 km. Noida Sector 32 metro station is the nearest metro station (5 km) that ensures a smooth ride to the micro-markets of Delhi. Besides, a direct metro project is underway that will connect these sectors with the commercial centres of the city, reducing the travelling time significantly. 


Prices per sq. ft


Rs 4600 – 4900


Rs 4600 – 5100


Rs 4600 – 5000


Rs 4800 – 5800

Affordability is another critical factor on which the housing demand in the 70s belt thrives. Average property rates in these sectors vary between Rs 4,300 per sq ft and Rs 4,800 per sq ft, explicitly catering to the expectations of mid-income end-users. Besides, a correction in the average capital values in a few sectors makes it the most opportune time for end-users to buy a home in the area.

Presently, taking note of buyer’s inclination towards ready-to-move units in Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA), 2016 registered projects, the 70s sectors offer a variety of options across configurations and budget segments.


Another region where whole expressway is offering best of the properties right from sector 98 to sector 150. These sectors are connected with Noida expressway directly with due service lanes, green belt, metro and enough of greenery due to dedicated city forest like; sector 137. The sector 137 is one of the most searched because of FNG access, upcoming world class theme park, and of course metro station at sector.

Other sectors you can consider are 143, 168, 150 where developers are either in the final phase of construction or in fast pace to complete projects since RERA is implemented.

Here cost of units could vary from Rs. 4200/- to 7000/- depending upon the amenities, infrastructure and features and no of units could be 5000.

No doubt, budget in these regions may go up to Rs. 50 lakh to 1.0 cr easily because of being prime locations and most of the societies are developed. You can also expect a good return on return.

In case, you need more pocket friendly house which do not pinch your pocket and put you under financial strain, you can explore Greater Noida West where unit sizes are also less and cost is relatively under control.

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Why Should You Buy Property in Lucknow?

Why Should You Buy Property in Lucknow?

Lucknow is known as one of the most important cities of the country. After securing its place in the smart cities of India, Lucknow is now emerging in various sectors like retailing, manufacturing and commercial. Clearly, with the rise of modern infrastructure, the city is attracting many investors and home buyers.

The Real-Estate market of Lucknow has noticed a considerable growth in recent times. Changing ambition of the local population, rapid increase in economic activity, good salary packages and increased employment opportunities have encouraged the growth of Real-Estate market in Lucknow.


This sudden appearance of the real estate market in Lucknow can further be attributed to the rise in construction activity, the majority of which is being done in the residential sector. Real-Estate developers in Lucknow are building many townships on the outskirts of Lucknow.


With a view to give a fillip to the biotech sector, the Government has collaborated with local universities and industries, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, and the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur to set up a biotech park in Lucknow. This park plays a crucial role in the initial establishment phase of the start-up companies by furnishing key information concerning business avenues. It also provides easy access to the expertise of esteemed and successful scientists. This park can prove immensely beneficial for investors looking to invest in the biotech sector.



  • Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) has great plans to make Lucknow a world class city. Few of them include the upcoming 301 km Agra Lucknow Expressway, World class transportation facilities by constructing subways, flyovers, hotels, malls and multi-level parking lots, a connectivity between Raebareli and Sultanpur road is already in progress. 


  • Well-developed Infra Structure Being the capital of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow has a great network of well- connected roads, flyovers that aid smooth transportation, high tech infrastructure, green belts etc. The City of Nawabs is well connected through railways. With the launch of metro project, the real estate market has been on a Rise. Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) is set to add another feather to the city’s transportation and infrastructure. 


  • Innovation by developers in the endeavour to satisfy their customers, the Real estate developers in Lucknow have trying new methods and features in the construction of flats. Thus, various properties are available that have unique designs and atmosphere. 


  • Flats with all amenities the flats that are being developed in Lucknow are fastened with all the new techniques and amenities. Amenities include parking area, exceptional connectivity with neighbouring cities, electricity supply round the clock, and closeness to schools, healthcare centres and shopping complexes. This isn’t the limit to the settlements that a resident enjoys yet there are loads of rewards. There are some key locations like Gomti Nagar, Sitapur Hardoi Road, Shaheed path, Sector-6, 7 and many more within the city experiencing such developments. 


  • Development of commercial zones (DCZ) involving shopping complexes is providing a considerable share in the economic expansion. Thus, the populations within the city are able to make a high source of income by making investments in such commercial sections. 


  • In the years to come, Lucknow will experience more developments in the real estate. These developments will bring along high profits for those who will invest at the right time. Non-residents can investigate the finest property alternatives with the assistance of an experienced real estate consultant. Some of the firms are also occupied in advising the property options. With such capital, an entity can find the residential or commercial unit within their preferred budget and preferable location. 

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