What is south facing house?

The Direction in which you face while stepping out of your house through the main door is the direction of your house. So, if you face south while doing so, you reside in a south facing house. It goes the same for the other directions as well.

How to tell which way a house faces?

The easiest and most analog way is to look at the standing sun position on the site. As you probably already know, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, which means that a house facing south will see the big old ball of fire rise from the left and set to the right.

This, though, isn’t a great way to find out which way a house faces if the property in question doesn’t belong to you, but there is another very simple way to tell...

Just add the address of the property you are interested in and switch to 'Satellite' from the default view.

Now all you need to find is the property you are interested in purchasing, zoom in, if it is under the property and points down the screen, the property is on the south side. Simple as that!

One thing to keep in mind when using Google Maps is that it can be easy to accidentally rotate the map, which will give you an incorrect reading. A quick way to ensure that you are deploying the map correctly is look at the Compass Arrow (bottom right side of your screen on desktop, top right on mobile). If the red tip points straight up, you are good to go.

Will having a south facing house affect property value?

This question might seem as obvious as the one we started this post off with, but the answer will probably surprise most people.

South facing apartment are, without doubt, desirable to the majority of buyers. People like to garden, sunbathe, and generally enjoy their outdoor space during the summer and winter months, so having a house and garden that gets the most sun will be a selling point, no question.

Benefits Of Having A Home Facing South

  1. Better Gardening Opportunities:

Thanks to the increased level of sunlight, the south facing gardens are fantastic for those people who like nothing more than gardening.

There are many beautiful plants that are perfect for a south facing garden, which is thriving in a warm and shiny environment.

  1. Lower Energy Bills:

Energy saving is an incredibly hot topic, with all homes in the India now being encouraged to start thinking more and more about energy conservation.

The enlarged exposure to sunlight and heat that a south facing garden receives will help to heat exterior masonry, keeping the inside of your home warmer. Over time, this will help you to save considerable money on your electricity bills.

  1. Enlarged Amount of Sunlight:

With summer fast approaching, lots of the buyer's attention will naturally be drawn to the gardens of the properties they visit, and a south-facing garden usually means a positive tick on the list of pros and cons.

One of the biggest aspects of a south facing home is surrounded by sunlight that receives a south facing garden. Undoubtedly the greatest appeal of a south facing house is the increased level of sunlight.

Bright and airy, south facing gardens are perfect for summer BBQ’s, and just enjoying time in the garden.