Every Home Needs Modular Furniture - Here’s Why!

Every Home Needs Modular Furniture - Here’s Why!

As we as a nation face yet another possible lockdown, our homes are once again going to be safe havens, and sanctuaries for us to not only stay safe and healthy but to work, face challenges. And to struggle with the uncertainties that loom over us during this harsh time. And a positive, well-organized space can affect the mood and overall ambiance of a home, making 'living' in it, a positive experience. And modular furniture could be the answer!

Today, Real estate Companies/ Developers in Lucknow offer smaller living spaces, with 1 BHK smaller homes, and these become even more miserable when one has to stay indoors and work from home. Hence optimum utilization of space has become important, especially for urban homes. Modular or machine made furniture is catching up as a favorite trend for millennia, mainly due to several advantages such as being trendy, creative and functional in design, durable and strong and affordable in quality.

Even for families, the advantages of having modular furniture with easy options of customization as per the available space, along with a variety of designs, easy assembly, and set up as well as functionality and affordability, are making it very attractive. Modular and multi-functional furniture designs provide space-saving, aesthetic, and customized solutions where one can breathe, move around freely, and feel comfortable.

Listed here 4 areas where modular furniture can enhance the style, functionality, and vibe of your living space:

Kitchen: Considering the growing trend of the kitchen to become an integral part of the living room, ideal for hosting a close group or friends or attending a daily family meal, modular kitchen designs create a stylish and organized kitchen area. Make optimum use of what can be doubled up as dining areas.

With accessories like interior drawers, pull outs, tandem pantry etc., thermo foil, acrylic, lacquer, and glass and various styles and finishes like classic, modern, or contemporary etc., one can transform a kitchen into a stylish and practical user. These days, trendy shelving systems include smart cubes and metal open shelves that add to the beauty of kitchens, making them smart with sleek storage and immaculate finishes. Real estate builders in lucknow offering a flat fully furnished with modular kitchen.

Wardrobes: Wardrobes are an extension of the owner's personality and play a vital role in not only organizing essential clothes but also ensuring that they are well protected and properly stacked. Modern wardrobes are evolving to add aesthetically to room furnishings and blend with customized designs to create maximum storage space while being relatively inconspicuous.

Modular wardrobes offer unique and creative designs, ranging from trendy open walk-in closets and sliding door wardrobes to traditional swing door wardrobes, in an accessible and stylish space that is maintenance free and easy to clean.

Bedroom: Modern bedrooms are now, more than ever, more than just sleeping or relaxing. For some, they have become favorite relaxing corners, or double as work station space. Modular bedrooms are in demand, with compact and comfortable beds, using engineered wood, allowing well-designed storage space ranging from hydraulic, box storage, front pull out storage, etc. The high stamina and compact beds also offer a wide variety of options in the type of headboard, upholstery, size, integrated storage, customizable, matte and glossy finishes, which add to the overall look and décor of the bedroom.

Living room: The living area of ​​any home is the first and foremost part of the house as it reflects the vibe and sets the tone for the rest of the house. With an aesthetic entryway, living room space can be clever, minimalistic, lively, spacious, comfortable and inviting not only for the guests but also for those who live there.