Hyderabad Impressive Growth Compared to Seven other Metros

Hyderabad Impressive Growth Compared to Seven other Metros

Hyderabad’s real estate sector witnessed a steady growth in comparison to seven other Metropolitan cities of the country.  The sector has witnessed a high growth in the sales of apartments and new units. 

In the come around of the Covid-19 pandemic, the real estate sector throughout the country had declined.  However, according to a JLL report India data the Hyderabad Real Estate has made remarkable progress. 

Sales of Real Estate market are estimated to grow 51% increase apartment in the quarter from October to December.  Pune is occupying first place with 3,323 units (147% increase) while Hyderabad with 3,570 (68%) is occupying the second place.

The unenthusiastic impact caused due to Covid-19 pandemic has badly affected the real Estate sector in the country.  The Sector expected to Witnesses Improve Market Sentiments in Unlock Phase. In contrast to other cities, Hyderabad city is making rapid progress in this sector. 

During the previous quarter of 2020, sector witnessed 26,785 residential unit launches, more than twice the new launches. This is 40% more in contrast to other cities.  More apartments were sold in Manikonda Jagir, Hafeezpet, Kondapur, LB Nagar and Kompally.

A huge increased is witnessed in the sales of residential sector during October- December.  It is predictable that the sector would record more development in the year 2021, the survey says. Beside Pune and Hyderabad, as per the report, Chennai occupies 3rd place with 59% increase, Bangalore 4th place with 46%, Delhi at 5th with 43%, Mumbai 6th with 22% and Kolkata 7th with 12 % increase.